30 Dec 2022 - 04 Feb 2023

@ 375 S McCaslin Blvd, Suite B

A victims-first contemporary art exhibition

The juried exhibition explores the Marshall Fire's impact on Colorado's communities of Louisville, Superior, portions of Unincorporated Boulder County, and portions of Boulder by giving voice to victims as well as local artists. The exhibition will showcase what positive can come of such widespread destruction by exploring the paradox between renewal and ruin to envision new life in this healing arts exhibition. The art marks the freshness and represents new visions after fire's destruction.

Artists are local and impacted by the fire, with an intentional bias toward creating space for fire victims' expressions. The exhibition is intended to generate a healing dialogue for victims.


Lewis Mumford

"In the midst of ruin fresh life sprouts"


Professional artists and non-artists alike are encouraged to participate. Please see the Open Call for Art for inspiration, and do not hesitate to reach out with ideas / questions / or anything else at info@marshallrenews.com.

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Support the Exhibition

Help us make this one of a kind exhibition special for fire victims and the community. Support us through the purchasing art at our auction opening night, or snagging our limited line of memorabilia. All proceeds go to supporting artists and creating a healing arts fund.

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CMA Jazz

Live Music Opening Night | Dec 30th

A small jazz combo will play opening night starting around 7PM.