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Behind the Scenes: Bio

Behind the Scenes


Janet Russell is the exhibition judge. She is Principal Gallerist at Creative Framing Art Gallery and President of the Louisville Arts District. Janet is the crux of art in Louisville, particularly downtown Louisville. She founded the Louisville Arts District, opened the first art gallery in downtown, was the first gallery to offer art shows to the public, has installed alley murals re-purposing forgotten alleyways, amongst many other acts of selfless community service. The gallery sponsored a successful Marshall Fire Auction to benefit Victims last February raising community spirit and donating $30,000 to the community fund. Her work has been no less than catalytic for arts activities in Louisville over the past 20 years.


O'Dell Brewing Company has generously donated the beer and wine for the opening night reception.


TEBO Properties has generously offered to donate the venue for the Marshall Renews exhibition.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 12.04.09 PM.png

DJs Watering Hole has generously offered catering for the night.


Louisville Art Association is fiscal sponsor to the exhibition. Donations to the exhibition are made to LAA directly, and are eligible for tax exemption.


Boulder County Arts Alliance is fiscal sponsor to the exhibition. Grants to the exhibition are made to BCAA directly, and are eligible for tax exemption.

CMA-ID-Stacked-SPOT-1 copy.jpeg

Lafayette's Center for Musical Arts has graciously offered live music. Students from the CMA will perform on opening night—Friday, December 30th.


Carolyn is curating and leading the arts administration of the exhibition. Shortly after the fire, she had a vision to hold an exhibition after learning that one of her undergraduate architecture projects was found in the ash of her childhood home. She has successfully led + organized numerous academic conferences and symposia with budgets over 100K, all with generous funding and grants from the European Union, ETH Zurich, TU Delft, Newcastle University, and United States Air Force Academy. She is a published researcher, founding editor of Architecture Philosophy, has had a successful career practicing and teaching architecture in the US and UK, and reviewing development proposals for the City of San Francisco and City of Boulder. Today, she is project manager for the City of Houston's first-ever Neighborhood Resilience Action Plans for ONE Architecture.

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