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Open Call for Art



Artists directly impacted by the Marshall Fire are invited to explore a number of themes within the parameters of the Marshall Fire context + of visioning new life within this context. These themes include the:

  • Concept of palimpsest in relation to rebuilding (e.g. representations of where destruction ends and rebuilding might begin)

  • Paradox between destruction and renewal (e.g. melting of glass)

  • Boundary between the physical person and physical structure (e.g. representations of the ways in which person and home are one and the same, albeit physically autonomous from one another)

  • Altered state of people, places, and things post-fire (e.g. literal landscape painting of burn site)

Contributions will co-shape vision of the exhibition itself and contributors are invited to discuss ideas + approaches with curator. There are no limitations on the media or method, however large pieces may be difficult to accommodate.

Proposals should be submitted to by 30 JULY 2022. Finished artwork is not requested by the deadline; art proposals are acceptable. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

Jurors will give awards for artwork in the following categories:

  • strongest resonance with the community, especially fire victims

  • most compelling vision of renewal, healing or rebuilding

  • most visceral

  • most climate aware

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